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New Patient Reviews

Here’s what new patients are saying about Dr. John Klimediotis:

A Wonderful Team!

I have been seeing Dr John and Debb for a while now. They are a wonderful team with unique skills and expertise and have helped me be healthy, relieve pain and lose weight.
-Jelena M.

Finally Pain Free

When I went to Dr Klimediotios I had a chronic knee pain where orthopedics, and rheumatologists weren’t able to help me other than relieving the pain temporarily. I also had very bad eczema where at times it was not even responding to the strongest steroid creams. Now after 6 months I am almost pain free without any meds and only taking the natural supplements that Dr Klimediotis prescribed. Also I am totally eczema free for about 4 months now. Thank you Dr Klmediotis!
-Anna G.

Highly Recommended

I would highly recommend his office! I was having severe stomach pain and possible gallbladder removal. After discussing my issues with Dr. John, he gave me an adjustment, a few supplements and a change to my diet. After a few days I felt much better. It has been 10 weeks since my first appointment with Dr. John and I have lost 20 pounds and feel fabulous! No stomach issues at all. Thank you Dr. John!
-Diana S.

One of a Kind!

Dr. John is one of a kind! Be sure you will get way more attention than expected. He addressed absolutely all problems and issues, even the ones I did not complain about, but was aware of. Great bedside manners, great at explaining what, why, how… I have recommended him to all close friends, even those who have no problems whatsoever!!! :)
-Bojana H.

So Very Helpful

Dr Klimediotis is so very helpful and asks thought-provoking questions. His recommendations are helpful and I feel he is addressing my specific situation rather than just giving a blanket diagnosis. I believe my health is gradually improving, so hopefully things keep moving up!
-Maria B.

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